Thursday, June 11, 2009

MD 50 and MD 70 Documents - oracle application development

Some technical jargon of oracle -apps- process documents in implementation:

What are MD 50 and MD 70 Documents?

AIM (Oracle Application Implementation Methodology)

I have come across in my career with following documents and would like to have information here for future references

The documents explained here are mainly used in oracle development which consists of SQL, PLSQL, Forms, Reports, Graphics -Oracle Developer suits development. I used these docs quite some time back and I liked these most as I found information on existing components and understanding of user requirement in better way. It was excitement for me to make this MD 70 documents in initial days of my career.

Yes, there are other documents that are known as

BR Documents: Business Requirement Documents -Personally not used

MD Documents: Modular Designing Documents - these are usually based on BR 120 etc

MD50: This document holds the functional specifications that are required for component to be developed and it is meant for Technical guys or programmers to understand the functional requirements for customization or design/implementations of software artifacts. Usually Functional guy will be made this.

MD60: Module expert would create MD60 containing the requirements for the problem or the solution to be developed.

MD70: Technical guy or Programmer would create MD70 which holds design solutions for the requirements or component solution to be designed. This document would have all the technical stuff, sql, plsql code ,forms, reports etc .. for reuse purpose and process adherence purpose.

If any one of you know more info on this, please add comments here..


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