Thursday, April 11, 2013

ORA-01031: insufficient privileges when connecting sys AS SYSDBA

ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

We are able to connect db with sys as sysdba but not with sqlplus sys/password@dba as sysdba

This issue usually come when we do rename databases or creation of data guard databases where we do add STATIC listner entry and forgot copying the correct password file from primary to standby database ...etc. few times i have come across....

The solution for this is simply simple.. create a new password file when we renamed the database/sid/dbname

the command syntax is :

orapwd file=orapw password=password entries=10

in case of standby database:

on standby db:

scp  orapwPRIMARYDB username@standbydbhostname:oraclehomedirectorypath/dbs/orapwSTANDBY


sqlplus sys/password@sid as sysdba

it should work now..

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