Thursday, January 21, 2016

OGG-01091 Unable to open file MGR.rpt in AIX

OGG-01091 Unable to open file MGR.rpt in AIX - Oracle Golden gate Installation discrepancies between major operating systems

By default, manager get started when you select start manager check box during the installation process, however we see this is not the case in AIX operating system

In our case we see manager process did not come up started when installation is done successful

$ ./ggsci

Oracle GoldenGate Command Interpreter for Oracle

Version .............

AIX .........., ...........

Operating system character set identified as ..............

Copyright (C) ............... All rights reserved.

GGSCI (hostname) 1> info all

Program     Status      Group       Lag at Chkpt  Time Since Chkpt


GGSCI (hostname) 2> start mgr

Manager started.

GGSCI (hostname) 3>

Source Context :

  SourceModule            : [ggstd.util.file]

  SourceID                : [/../../../../../../gglib/ggstd/fileutl.c]

  SourceFunction          : [ggOpenFile(const char *, const char *)]

  SourceLine              : [772]

201*-**-** 11:01:54  ERROR   OGG-01091  Unable to open file "/../../../../../../../dirrpt/MGR.rpt" (error 2, No such file or directory).

201*-**-** 11:01:54  ERROR   OGG-01668  PROCESS ABENDING.

GGSCI (hostname) 3>

GGSCI (hostname) 4> create subdirs

Creating subdirectories under current directory /../../../../../../

Parameter files                /../../../../../../: already exists

Report files                   /../../../../../../: created

Checkpoint files               /../../../../../../: created

Process status files           /../../../../../../: created

SQL script files               /../../../../../../: created

Database definitions files     /../../../../../../: created

Extract data files             /../../../../../../: created

Temporary files                /../../../../../../: created

Credential store files         /../../../../../../: created

Masterkey wallet files         /../../../../../../: created

Dump files                     /../../../../../../: created

GGSCI (hostname) 6> start mgr

Manager started.

all is well thereafter...

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